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To buy your pain

when you put me on paper and dissect me with your scalpel what do you think you would find it did not make any sense at all so you stood me in front of a mirror and put me under the microscope you searched every pore on my skin it did not make any sense […]

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Before I go to sleep

Please let me tell you one more time assure me that you are still mine but if you are ready to go now before you leave for the night won’t you tell me how Please tell me one more time tell me we are going to be fine You have given a look and a […]

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Listening to the world go by; people die people cry Red eyed Mad eyed Wide eyed Sheep like I see their twitching fingers upon sighing lips concealing, displeasing, disturbing They drive, they run, they walk they crawl looking for the ultimate fix Full of wine, full of whine They stroll down the streets of vanity […]

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I emblazon myself with the colors of the universe I am getting high in a world of lows For I am here now, Neither do I dwell in the past Nor do I contemplate on the future It doesn’t matter where I come from Or where the road I am on takes me Regrets and […]

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Double edged blade

Why have you forsaken me with this double edged blade do you think you could set me free while you burn yourself with hate Do you really think that your blood smell of peace and your fires really burn with flames of hope but know some won’t forgive ’till you cease for they have had […]

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Fabricated with lies they told us a story Excused without reason, justified without explanation Brainwashed we stood – never thought it was a lie And we listened eagerly – never read between the lines Then they triumph over their victory Fireworks, joy, excitement and celebration But we only saw through our eyes Never Asked, never […]

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