There are two people who have helped get Your Poems Your Stories (YPYS) off the ground and I want to dedicate this page to them. I am granting them the status of YPYS Pioneers.

The most recent to earn this status is Holly Beth Mann: mother, philanthropist, traveler, poet, and renowned author of Honest Riches.

Holly Mann – YPYS Pioneer

It was May 2008 … everything looked dark.

Poems and Stories had got off to a great start, with more than a hundred visitors a day and more than 20 members.

But navigating the site was a little slow. Actually, it took forever to load a post!

So we had done a little research decided it was time for a new web host.

Little did we know what dangers lurked around the corner, in the dark, dusty alleyways of Website Migration.

Moving a WordPress blog from one location to another is a treacherous task for the uninitiated.

Before we knew what was happening, our blog was gone!

Nowhere to be found!

Replaced by ugly, intimidating, unscrupulous code errors messages!

We didn’t know what to do. We Googled. We scrutinized. We wrote to our previous webhost (ouch) and to our new webhost (who responded in what sounded like very helpful Japanese.)

Finally, in a last desperate measure we contacted someone who we knew would not have time for this.

Holly Mann, author of Honest Riches, saved the day! She logged in to our account (from Thailand!) and she saved our blog! Not only that, but she gave us a brand new theme which is exactly what we have been looking for. (Okay, it’s in Italian. But you can’t have everything!)

Thank you Holly. You will always be remembered as one of the YPYS Pioneers who helped get this blog off the ground. Without you I don’t know where this blog would be – but it definitely wouldn’t be online!

P.S. Holly has also helped to promote this blog from her own, Honest Holly. I have personally read Holly’s Ebook, Honest Riches, and it is very good.

Paisley – YPYS Pioneer

Next, I mention someone who is actually the first person to win this title: paisely, of why paisley???

Paisley has been with me from the very beginning. This was my very first WordPress blog. And when I didn’t know what to do, paisley was always there to give me a helping hand! She has answered my emails almost instantly with help and advice. She has always been there with words of encouragement to cheer me on!

She has also been very active on the blog, contributing her poetry and giving great feedback on other people’s work. She helped me find the right plugins, gave great advice on handling design issues, and patiently accepted my millions of questions without a problem. She has also helped to promote this blog on her own blogs, such as why paisley???, and the ink pot.

Many thanks to the above YPYS Pioneers!!!


Anna V. Williams