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Boxes and Batteries

On a bus in a deep Asian jungle, Full of rain and wet, I thought of a time when I Held my memories in my hand, Squeezing them and squeezing them… So alive. I thought of a box with a lid Cracked open, a gap where we see Time walked in parks, hands held in […]

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a rose tinted glass; shattered; tearing through our fate. a broken soul; searching; destined only to wait. sometimes is it not better, to live and let die; than watch our broken dreams; collapsing; failing to fly. uniting towards a common goal, can two broken souls ever make a whole Rating 4.00 out of 5

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Fears of Proximity

Day one and day two, nothing but you. Engulfed and inflamed, exciting and new. Closer in proximity, intimately I could see, as you drew near to me. A picnic in the grass, feelings beyond & surpassed. Longed and felt you near me, now I feel a fear in me. Overwhelmed by this fear, not knowing […]

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THE MOON It was the last time of night, When the moon said me good night “I’m going to sleep, because I’m falling in sleep” I smiled on hearing and Said with daring; “Certain I’m you won’t come, He who goes never returns’’ He stopped on hearing, Replied with searing: “If I promise you never […]

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WHEN I….. When I think about you Sun starts blazing… Moon starts gazing… Stars start jazzing… When I think about you Some thoughts come by & by… My heart joys… My heart cries… When I think about you Wind starts to blow… Time passes slow… My heart fills with sorrow…. When I think about you […]

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MY VALENTINE Last night! When I saw you with twinkling eyes, You were singing with very inspiring voice, When I came close & close and close Then I heard you, And lost in deep thoughts… You were praising, praising And praising & praising I smiled with spark, & holdup my heart, You were staring, staring […]

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