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Prayer Before I Sleep

Bless me God before I sleep, Let me feel that You are near, May I sleep in peace instead of fear, Please wake me up with hopes and dreams, Tomorrow will be fine because You are here, I thank you God for all the love i received today, Please accept my humble pray……..Amen. Rating 3.00 […]

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Poetry is for Life.

I write, I’ve written and I know I will continue to write the spills of my heart. I love words in grade school; spelling in my english class and “vocabulaire” in my french class. Just give me words, words and more words That’s who I am. Though I’ve walked this earth, lived a life much […]

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The best words I’ve ever said stayed in my head. The people are fine, dogs walking too. The water glitters, gulls make that gull sound I thought I had secrets but God knows there’s none to be found. I’m as wide as any book, smaller than the ants. I’m on my way to places that […]

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I Will Hug Sense Into Your Bones..

Romance is dead, Hearts are used, Pulled to breaking point.. Let’s bury the hatchet, And we can make it, Over the line, This love can become settled again.. With monumental strides, And with love in our hands, We can dissolve this bad rift between us.. I will hold you, Tightly, Without you losing oxygen, I […]

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Like the Sun

The naked earth is warm, and the sea moves in a symphony Upon ‘er face, lit a smile, like the sun. Wild berries were everywhere and butterflies danced Dew glimmers, like the sun. Rating 3.00 out of 5

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THE MOON It was the last time of night, When the moon said me good night “I’m going to sleep, because I’m falling in sleep” I smiled on hearing and Said with daring; “Certain I’m you won’t come, He who goes never returns’’ He stopped on hearing, Replied with searing: “If I promise you never […]

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