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The best words I’ve ever said stayed in my head. The people are fine, dogs walking too. The water glitters, gulls make that gull sound I thought I had secrets but God knows there’s none to be found. I’m as wide as any book, smaller than the ants. I’m on my way to places that […]

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Like the Sun

The naked earth is warm, and the sea moves in a symphony Upon ‘er face, lit a smile, like the sun. Wild berries were everywhere and butterflies danced Dew glimmers, like the sun. Rating 3.00 out of 5

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She pulled herself out of the water

She pulled herself out of the water, nails digging into the soggy riverbank, choking on weeds and coughing up the muck from the riverbed. She lay still for a while, long wet tendrils of her dark hair straggling across her face, her fingers embedded into the moss and leaves beneath her. Her jeans, heavy with […]

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My Guardian Angel

I used to believe in miracles , Used to think that I had a guardian standing tall , With auburn tresses falling delicately covering his untainted cerulean eyes , His hoary white wings would glisten in the velvety moonlight , His arms would form a hindrance to protect me from the malovelent , I would […]

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Finding Maynard

I fall asleep, if but only for A split-second: End of cigarette in my right hand. It’s early, I mean early morning, Her ghost; detached from her vehicle and ready She, wanting to take over me Through the semi-transparent white; That of an angelic-spread. Swinging my empty left hand; forward I haul Myself. I jolt […]

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at the piano

it’s been more than a year now,, since father left us,, mother, and i alone.. things have not been easy,, but we are making our way,, in this strange world,, into which we’ve both been thrown… with father gone, and little in the coffer,, after his illness and burial and such,, our one saving grace,, […]

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