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Forbidden Fruit

She knows the consequences but the temptation is stronger. She tries not to give in but she can’t take it any longer. “Do it.” the serpent hisses. There is nothing to lose.” Take it or leave it. Which one will she choose? “I can’t.” she says, but her flesh beckons her to it. The serpent […]

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bomber girl

faceless shadow shroud of virginity only you know who you are and your hidden dream secret cartwheel upside down skin making love to the wind demure bride of war kissing the rug of prayer, wallering in the ghost of charlemagne exalted in your father’s army adorned corset of nails your heart beats your body ticks […]

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WHEN I….. When I think about you Sun starts blazing… Moon starts gazing… Stars start jazzing… When I think about you Some thoughts come by & by… My heart joys… My heart cries… When I think about you Wind starts to blow… Time passes slow… My heart fills with sorrow…. When I think about you […]

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Mysterious Rose

Mysterious Rose, so fragile your thorns Let me comfort you softly Hold you safe from the storm So soulful your petals So gently you rise Most beautiful woman With brown Angel eyes Mysterious Rose, so caring your soul Let me feel you beside me, so I can be whole So real is your beauty So […]

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Living Off of Death

I dunno. My debut poem. My poetry can be rather dark and not for the white-washed eyes. So if anyone know of a “free-minded” poetry/pros/stories site for authors, please notify me thank you. Rating 3.50 out of 5

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Fortunate   Have you ever considered? How fortunate you are To gaze at the sky And see a star, And say to yourself I wonder how many there are? To walk through a garden And smell the rose. Skip through dewy grass In your bare feet and toes Before the sun arose?  Take long walks […]

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