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im a poet when i was young and in my prime the world was new and so unkind in this world we all shall pass, working and working trying to by some cheap gas to travel the country side far and near, to  go visit relatives and people  we hold dear. through the interstates and […]

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What A Girl With PMS Can Do

To the tune of “Town Without A Pity” I met her at the grocery store, And I said, “Hello”, but she just swore, And that caught me by surprise, I could not believe my eyes, What a girl with PMS would do. I asked her on a lovely date, But her eyes were red and […]

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Daddy Bought A Little Horse

When Daddy bought a little horse, I thought it strange; it was of course, The thing just didn’t look quite right, But I was small and not too bright. Had leathery skin from head to toe, But way back then I didn’t know, That horses had a thing called hair, Like puppies, cats and also […]

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I Passed Away Last Weekend

I work part-time as a funeral attendant.  Hopefully that explains the motive for this writing.  Just trying to put a little humour into a serious subject. Well, here I am. I never expected it to happen this soon, but I passed away last weekend. Stupid horse, I told them I didn’t like horses, too much […]

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The Chain Letter

I went for a walk, as I did each morn, I picked up the mail which was always the norm, A letter, a bill and two lousy flyers, One for insurance and one selling tires. Nothing seemed special, all was the same, I looked a bit closer and saw something strange, A black and white […]

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Young Lochinvar (A parody of the classic)

O young Lochinvar is come out of the west, Through all the wide Country this guy they detest, And save armpit noises he talent had none, He thought they were funny and thought they were fun, He thought that his ‘talent’ would make him a star, But no one did care for the young Lochinvar. […]

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