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Crossroads that marks destiny The crumble of great years Shattered in a while Leaving behind memories to most Times of weeping lay ahead A mysterious journey awaits To defy the concept that has left scientists in deep thought. A coward you may say, but a hero in his own way As one proceeds to a […]

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In every human`s life there are times that continuous failures come, No matter how we try, things doesn’t  goes smooth and fine, Expectations are far from what we want, good result never comes, Lost our hope and believed our  will wont work this trembling time, We leave it up above and think it is “mere […]

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Paper Plane…

Long are the dreams gone out the window, Folded and thrown like a Paper Plane… Blown by the wind, away from the shore, Never to return through the window pane… Broken by the world, shattered into pieces, They were the drug making my life insane… They gave life worth, they gave life meaning, Didn’t let […]

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The  day  you  were  born, you  were  a  star Like  someone isolated in a single  car. Whether you make or you mar or  you  initiate  a  healthy  war All these  things  are  worthless  so  far, leaving  aside  you  as  the  single  star   The day  you  die, you are  just  born You  can  be  killed, […]

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That Last Conversation

 I always dreamt  to  be  great Regularly complained of my poor fate I knew nothing would be done Bleady simplex transmission I am a wave, HE is the guide Still HE never takes my side Never does HE  answers , always ignores Well , that’s the destiny I endorse As  usual , the days  passed  […]

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I Can Strike You Down Like A Thunderbolt..

Love can hurt, Like a broken blister, It can strike, You down, Like a thunderbolt. Hate can surge, Frantically, Through the blood, Of the receiver. I begin to loosen, My take on the world, I begin to drink enough, To fill my body. Hope bounces off me, But it never stops, And it never, Takes […]

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