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I Will Hug Sense Into Your Bones..

Romance is dead, Hearts are used, Pulled to breaking point.. Let’s bury the hatchet, And we can make it, Over the line, This love can become settled again.. With monumental strides, And with love in our hands, We can dissolve this bad rift between us.. I will hold you, Tightly, Without you losing oxygen, I […]

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THE MOON It was the last time of night, When the moon said me good night “I’m going to sleep, because I’m falling in sleep” I smiled on hearing and Said with daring; “Certain I’m you won’t come, He who goes never returns’’ He stopped on hearing, Replied with searing: “If I promise you never […]

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WHEN I….. When I think about you Sun starts blazing… Moon starts gazing… Stars start jazzing… When I think about you Some thoughts come by & by… My heart joys… My heart cries… When I think about you Wind starts to blow… Time passes slow… My heart fills with sorrow…. When I think about you […]

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MY VALENTINE Last night! When I saw you with twinkling eyes, You were singing with very inspiring voice, When I came close & close and close Then I heard you, And lost in deep thoughts… You were praising, praising And praising & praising I smiled with spark, & holdup my heart, You were staring, staring […]

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Mysterious Rose

Mysterious Rose, so fragile your thorns Let me comfort you softly Hold you safe from the storm So soulful your petals So gently you rise Most beautiful woman With brown Angel eyes Mysterious Rose, so caring your soul Let me feel you beside me, so I can be whole So real is your beauty So […]

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you and me

we both met each other searching for the comfort of another your eyes full of tears my heart full of fears we told each other our stories filling each moment with memories we tried to shed our path with light promising not to tell white lies by:simply insane Rating 3.00 out of 5

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