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THE MOON It was the last time of night, When the moon said me good night “I’m going to sleep, because I’m falling in sleep” I smiled on hearing and Said with daring; “Certain I’m you won’t come, He who goes never returns’’ He stopped on hearing, Replied with searing: “If I promise you never […]

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WHEN I….. When I think about you Sun starts blazing… Moon starts gazing… Stars start jazzing… When I think about you Some thoughts come by & by… My heart joys… My heart cries… When I think about you Wind starts to blow… Time passes slow… My heart fills with sorrow…. When I think about you […]

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My Guardian Angel

I used to believe in miracles , Used to think that I had a guardian standing tall , With auburn tresses falling delicately covering his untainted cerulean eyes , His hoary white wings would glisten in the velvety moonlight , His arms would form a hindrance to protect me from the malovelent , I would […]

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Marriage A day set apart by two special people Emotions are bound to arise Pensive, magical, mysterious. Exciting, intriguing, joyful Wondering if their choice is wise. Because marriage is a sacred bond. It takes two people Who cared enough about each other To enter into a sacred covenant that has no equal. Because two individuals […]

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Love is Like

Love is like a single rose, Both beautiful and sweet. Love is like the sun and moon, Both hot and cold. Love is between two people, Love is love, it’s just up to you. Rating 2.00 out of 5

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