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WHEN I….. When I think about you Sun starts blazing… Moon starts gazing… Stars start jazzing… When I think about you Some thoughts come by & by… My heart joys… My heart cries… When I think about you Wind starts to blow… Time passes slow… My heart fills with sorrow…. When I think about you […]

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MY VALENTINE Last night! When I saw you with twinkling eyes, You were singing with very inspiring voice, When I came close & close and close Then I heard you, And lost in deep thoughts… You were praising, praising And praising & praising I smiled with spark, & holdup my heart, You were staring, staring […]

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Marriage A day set apart by two special people Emotions are bound to arise Pensive, magical, mysterious. Exciting, intriguing, joyful Wondering if their choice is wise. Because marriage is a sacred bond. It takes two people Who cared enough about each other To enter into a sacred covenant that has no equal. Because two individuals […]

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The Sweetest Guy

The only day we spent away a couple of months went day by day. With each day our love grew, and we both knew our love was true. And when we met a deal was made, each other’s hearts we’d both trade. Now I’ve got yours and you’ve got mine, so please take good care […]

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I love you.

Golden rays announce the sun. Dawn she calls, the morn has come. Diamond dew that fell at night, fills the vale, it sparkles bright. Between the hills a misty cover. Embracing meadows like a lover. These are the visions that appear Whilst I think of you my dear. My heart feels bright it wants to […]

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