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Still – Life with Harlow and Lombard

I like to think of Harlow in Her smiling way. That sweetness That can bear such slight. It Rises up red From a bed Of water in, the jungle. While Gable laughs and laughs. He laughs and laughs. Then we see Lombard with naked Feet. Feet that rub up feet. Below a kitchen table in […]

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Crossroads that marks destiny The crumble of great years Shattered in a while Leaving behind memories to most Times of weeping lay ahead A mysterious journey awaits To defy the concept that has left scientists in deep thought. A coward you may say, but a hero in his own way As one proceeds to a […]

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In every human`s life there are times that continuous failures come, No matter how we try, things doesn’t  goes smooth and fine, Expectations are far from what we want, good result never comes, Lost our hope and believed our  will wont work this trembling time, We leave it up above and think it is “mere […]

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Hidden Heart

I see you sitting, lonely, with your eyes fixed on the floor. Afraid to face the world alone, you’ve locked your heart behind a door. The perfect key you keep hidden well is all I need to get inside, but somehow, in your hollowed out shell, You’ve found a place to hide. I want to […]

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Recalling the past, good or bad. Experiences that made us strong enough, Events that we couldn’t put aside, But we kept as treasures into innermost part of us Stories that perk, perks up our day, Travels that thaught us to grow in wisdom, People we met along the way, made us know who we are , But […]

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Science is knowledge, magnificence pansophism! Extreme erudition of unmatched intellect, in all its compelling branches; The beautiful and dynamic achievement of flight. A kite flying with great height. A curveball thrown with might. Phenomenal “Aerodynamics” allows such sights. The amazing structure of the human body such as the heart; Eyes that view a visual art. […]

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