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Still – Life with Harlow and Lombard

I like to think of Harlow in Her smiling way. That sweetness That can bear such slight. It Rises up red From a bed Of water in, the jungle. While Gable laughs and laughs. He laughs and laughs. Then we see Lombard with naked Feet. Feet that rub up feet. Below a kitchen table in […]

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When It’s Time

I hear a heartfelt sob deep within my soul, It touches me in such a way, yet for why I don’t really know I pondered on the reason why this sound has come to me As I think of all that had past and worry of what is to be My mother the earth weeps […]

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Will You Still Feel The Same

Have I said too much Have I caused you to go I sit here and long for your gentle touch And the warmth of the love I had come to know If I could turn back to the time When you were here with me I’d change it all in a heart beat And hold […]

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Goodbye mum.

As my mother close’s her eye’s, I cry out loud, I’ll miss her so much, Goodbye mum. I think really hard about all of our memories, I hope one day the war will finally be over. I’ll miss her beautiful blue eyes, Goodbye mum. I know that someday mum will get me, and save my […]

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My brother on earth no more…

You brother on earth no more Were most of what a mother wishes for So watching her sob at this news Wasn’t new news to my heart’s expectations. What hovers in that head of hers’? I know what hovers round my head, Nothing but a plethora of questions; What is it like when we die? […]

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Dancing with a dream

As you fell into my arms A perfect fit The feeling, felt so right We gazed into each others eyes We knew it As we grasped each other And held so tight. The pounding of our hearts Beating to the melody Of Sinatra crooning “I’ll never smile again.” The smile was there For fifty six […]

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