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The bargeman

Nobody hears of the Bargeman, he who ferries the Warrior dead No one knows that he decides where, his decision carries real dread He can take the fallen to Gloried Valhalla, the reward for the brave of war He may take you to Satan’s Seat, a perpetual existence as a Devils Whore A Barge that […]

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I possessed a silver sword

Once I possessed a silver sword Sparkling enough, I felt honored Adequate blunt edge, focal point broad Everywhere now, my fame soared   It pierced through supple and harsh Slay things swiftly, left only one splash I bowled over it’s skill to smash roared with pride, I was in a rush   To eliminate odds […]

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The End

Smoggy air, large world wars, animals that are no more, Litter, deforestation, and no one willing to lend a hand Are just a few of what humans have done to the land All they want is money because that’s what they live for We’ll never see a day where no one will die, Before scientists […]

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When the peace come to us……!

There was a war… That never let us a happy moment..! My papa and my mama… They lost their life….! Oh no.. the war killed them….!! But now, the war is over….! Everyone enjoying the peace with their family and friends…! But I’m searching for my family to enjoy myself with peace… But there is […]

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Goodbye mum.

As my mother close’s her eye’s, I cry out loud, I’ll miss her so much, Goodbye mum. I think really hard about all of our memories, I hope one day the war will finally be over. I’ll miss her beautiful blue eyes, Goodbye mum. I know that someday mum will get me, and save my […]

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God Was With Them

It was early in December, They had gathered out of fear, As the bombs were falling ’round them, cries of terror filled each ear, And they saw the buildings falling, And they watched the people die, And they heard the women screaming and they saw the children cry. As the skies were turning hazy, With […]

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