I dream of living in a cottage right by the woods with a man who is

healthy, kind, sincere – a little bit old fashioned – and genuinely

in love with me, as I am with him.

We have cats and dogs,

may possibly take in foster children to help them get on their feet.

He’s a poet also and we both write and read each other’s poetry all the time.

The property we live on is scenic and beautiful with little animals,

wild flowers, trees and brooks and fresh outdoor air.

We both live off the incomes of our artwork and

have nothing to do with professional or business life.

We befriend people in the community,

where there is a quaint town with all kinds of cute little stores and restaurants.

We read our poems in the cultural center and help and heal people

through our artwork, consoling them, helping them to see,

and to create their own art – feeding their souls with love, support and knowledge.

We live quietly, without too much technology,

and our relationship is honest, unconditional and trusting.

The prince and the princess, loving life, reading like a fairy tale.

In life, all is possible. I am open-minded that way.

When the doors close,

we can move on to  something just as good.

It’s called acceptance.

Rating 3.00 out of 5


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