Fangs And Claws

In the dark undergrounds of Chicago a horde of vampires waits for the night come. As they awaken Zach is confronted by the elders about him finding a vampire to call his own. As he replies to them saying he does not feel for any vampire to love. As the elders whisper to each other as they decide to throw Zach out until he finds him a mate or makes one. Out side of the city is a tribe of Native Americans that hold a secret. As the full moon shines down from the sky they turn in to wolfs and hunt as a pack. Early in the morning the elder of the tribe is worried about his daughter not finding any of the males of the tribe worthy of becoming her mate. So he holds a meeting to figure out what to do. As he starts to defend his daughter the other tribe members start uproar against her. Making the leader of the tribe force the elders daughter out until she has decided to find a mate. She left making her way to the city where no wolf would follow her. One night while walking throws the streets she smelled her worst enemy vampires.
Zach was hungry and seen a woman alone in the ally way as he moves in for the kill the full moon shines in the sky and she starts to evolve into a wolf. The vampire stopped and realized this was going to be more then a feed but a fight. They launched at each other biting and clawing at each other. Making the people living in the apartments to call the police. As they seen the lights they both take off vanishing into the night. Going back into the sewers were he rest till the next night. Scraped and bruised Zach thinks about the woman that turned into a wolf. Thinking they don’t come into the city why so was she here? As she goes back to her apartment she was hurt but not beaten. She was wondering why there was only one vampire when they attack as mates. So she was wondering what he was up to. The next night she went looking for the vampire but failed to notice the he was tracking her. He jumped down grasping her and looked straight in her eyes and asked. What are you doing here? She replied looking for a worthless vampire to kill. As the moon shined through the clouds she started to evolve he throws her up against a wall making her black out. As she came to she realized that she was in a dark sewer tied down so she could not move. Out of the shadows came Zach looking confused and asked once again what she was in the city for. This time knowing she could not fight her way out she answered him. My tribe outcast me because I would not mate with anyone in the tribe. So I headed here. He stood shocked and said you have the same problem I do. Zach asked what is your name woman. She answered Cassandra. Falling deep in to his eyes. For the first time she was falling in love and not with her own kind. She thought to herself what am I doing he is so handsome I can’t stop looking away from him. Zach freaked out as he seen her glancing into his eyes. He turned away so she would stop and said. Stop Cassandra you can’t love me and I can’t love you it is against our nature to do so. Cassandra snapped out of it and said your right but who are you vampire. My name is Zach and well I was pushed out of my clan because I couldn’t find love inside the clan or fall for someone to turn as my mate. He realized he was hooked on her eyes just as she was moments ago. They both stopped and got closer together and kissed. They snapped right out of it saying we can’t and he untied her and told her to go and not to return. As she made her way up out of the sewers she tried to take one last glance at perhaps her first, last, and only kiss, but as she turned around he had vanished into the darkness of the sewers. With a sense of despair she turns and makes her way towards the glistening lights of the windy city. She walked away looking up as it is daylight wondering what would happen next. That night she got all dressed up and headed to a club to get her mind off of Zach. While dancing to the techno music she couldn’t stop seeing Zach walking towards her in the club. She snapped out of and seen it was one of her tribe members walk towards her. Scott she said what are you doing here. Your father wanted me to check on you. How are you getting along Cassandra.
she smiled and said I am fine but how is father. He looks down and said I think his heart is broken. He misses you. After just standing around she looked at him and said are you just going to stand there or dance. He said neither I must head back to the tribe. He smiled and turn to walk away as he seemed to have noticed something but kept walking. As the night went on Cassandra was torn between what she felt.
Then she noticed two hands around her hips as she was dancing and said Zach why are you doing this. He said I would much rather dance with you then this humans. As they danced they couldn’t help but fall into a trace while looking into each others eyes. Time flow by and it was about to hit 3 AM and Zach said meet me by the lake tonight. She smiled and said sure I’ll be there. They both headed back to their places. That night Zach was heading to the lake to meet Cassandra when two of his brothers tackled him and started to beat him. He tried to fight them off but they picked him up and took him back down to the underground. Zach yelled at them why are you bringing me down here for. One of his brothers snapped at him saying The queen wants to talk to you about your actions up there. They dragged him to the altar were the queen sat. She told the others to leave the chamber. After everyone was gone she grabbed him by the throat and yelled in his face. You found someone and you didn’t bite her yet what is with you. The sooner you bite her the sooner your outcast being can come back and join us once again. He was scared no one has ever made the queen mad. He said for some reason she does not fall into a trance when she looks into my eyes and so I fear I may have to make her fall in love with me. The queen laughed and said your really into her aren’t you Zach. He smiled and said I was suppose to meet her again before you sent for me. Oh sorry mister head over heels I’ll let you go said the queen as she sent him on his way out. After he made his way out of the underworld he had to head to the sewers before the sun came up. Cassandra laid in her bed feeling stood up waiting at the lake shore for Zach. As she fell asleep night came. The next thing she noticed was that their was a knocking at her glass door. She looked and seen it was Zach. She said why should I give you permission to come in? Afterall, it was you who stood me up last night. He replied my clan sent for me last night and I didn’t get out in time. She smiled and said you have my permission to come in Zach. As he entered her apartment and she asked what it was he was thinking about and he replies with a smile after we kissed I could not get over you and that is why I followed you to the club and waited semi-impatiently for that guy to leave. But if we are to see each other you cannot transform into your wolf form. The clan thinks that you are human. And I bought us some time. We need to figure out a way to be together without either of our tribes and clans finding out. Cassandra said we could leave the city and head north. Zach said no then my clan would know something is up. Not knowing that Scott was watching from the other building and seen that Zach was a vampire. He hurried and jump threw the window with his claws around Zach’s throat. As Scott pins Zach to the wall Cassandra looks at Scott her eyes already becoming a sultry sapphire blue from her original hazel asks him in a low growl “Unhand him or I will rip your throat out where you stand! I am the daughter of the elder and I order you to release my houseguest immediately!”
“On what grounds do you deem necessary for a mortal enemy to enter your house?!” Scott says tightening his grip on Zach’s throat. “Do you have any idea what this thing has done to our kind? You of all people should have more dignity considering your highness as you pointed out that you are of course the elder’s daughter heaven forbid if you were to get hurt in any way shape or form.” “I order you right now to let go of him.” Scott loosens his grip and steps back right when Zach punches him in the nose making him fall flat on his ass, Cassandra stands between them looking at Zach I will withdraw my permission if you don’t stop and as for you Scott you’re a bad dog for not listening to me. Cassandra turns back saying “Scott you cannot tell my father about this at all.” Scott starts to yell at her.
“I can’t he has to know your not safe. Your father needs to know. I will not just let this happen without saying something. Sorry Cassandra I have to tell him.”
“Scott do you remember what happened the last time you betrayed a direct order? Do you really want to risk another scar?” Cassandra said in an agitated voice looking at him, then turning to Zach she says “And as for you Zach who do you think you are fighting in my house you are a guest after all and I can revoke that at anytime I deem necessary by simply denying you access to my home remember that!”
As Zach looks at her and behind her he holds his hands up in a sign of defeat and says “Your right Cassandra and I apologize for that but even you must admit that he did have it coming. I mean after all he came in unannounced and slammed me up against a wall without even considering whether or not my intentions towards you were good or not I mean surely he should have asked you for permission to enter correct? Or is that just for my kind?” Shut up smart ass said Cassandra. “Now we have a problem here now we need to play this safe.” As Zach looks out the window seeing the police cars pull up. Scott me and you have to go now. They both take off out of the window. Cassandra cuts herself making it look like she was attacked as the police bust down the door. As the police officers walk in they take a look at Cassandra and ask her “ma’am are you ok? We got a call that there was a fight going on in here.” She looked up at them and said do I look ok to you officers? I have cuts and blood on me. Some dude jumped through my window and was going to do god knows what to me till I kicked him in the balls. Ok ma’am sorry we will get you an ambulance ok.? No I don’t want an ambulance I want you to fix my door and leave me be please. The officer looks at her and then at his partner and says to her “Of course ma’am so sorry” and they take off. As night turns to day Cassandra laid in her bed looking out the window that Scott broke through. Knowing that Scott meant to protect her she was agitated more so than mad because she was going to have to pay for the window. The next night Zach came back and asked her if he was welcome to come in. she smiled and said yes your welcome to come in Zach. He enters the apartment and sits in a chair across the table from her. Are you ok Cassandra? She looks deep into his eyes and said “Yes I am now that you’re here. Zach you have never looked as handsome as you do tonight do you know that? You seem to radiate a certain charm around you tonight. Have you done something new with your hair or a new outfit?” No replied Zach. What is wrong with you your like all in a trance and focused on me. Her smile gets big and she gets up out of her chair and walks around to him. she lays her hands on his shoulders rubbing them. She talks into his ear saying “I want to rip your clothes off and throw you onto my bed.”
Zach tensed up and started to feel a spark inside him that he has never felt before as he grabs her hand and kisses it softly. He stands up and grabs her and holds her tight. As they began to make out leading to the bed. They toss each other on to the bed as she rips his clothes off and throws him back on the bed Zach pulls her close to him softly biting her neck not hard enough to draw blood but enough of a bite to send her nerves on a wild rampage. Quickly without a hesitational thought she returns the rush by tracing his back with her nails.
With time quickly passing around them they finally look at each other and Cassandra says “Will you be alright or do you need to go?” As Zach looks at her with love in his eyes he smiles and says “I regretfully have to leave or I will be perished and turn into nothing more than a pile of ash but do not fear for I do love you and will return tomorrow as soon as the sun sets. I promise you this my love.” With a soft kiss he is gone quicker than she could blink and as she lays in her bed her hair sticking to her neck and her blankets wrapped around her she cannot help but smile at the way the night turned out.
Now if only we can keep this a secret Cassandra thinks softly to herself with a small hint of a smile on her face. I just hope Scott doesn’t say a word, I think I can trust him but I am just not sure anymore lately he has become so different.
As the day progresses Cassandra gets dressed and goes out into the city and explores all the shops just killing time until sunset for tonight to her is an important night it’s the beginning of the full moon and the only time she can be herself. As she walks into a lingerie store she can’t help have her mind go back to Zach and think about whether or not he would like her in some of these.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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