In every human`s life there are times that continuous failures come,

No matter how we try, things doesn’t  goes smooth and fine,

Expectations are far from what we want, good result never comes,

Lost our hope and believed our  will wont work this trembling time,

We leave it up above and think it is “mere fortune ” that leads our life.

What we don`t know it still depends on us how we accept the fact,

That we could smooth the path even given fortunes sound tough and tight,

Just start to see the good things around and look at the brighter side of life,

Because good fortunes come to anyone who greet the day with smile,

Just stands with faith and confidence combined as we wait our dreams to come,

Because good lucks knock the door who welcome fortunes with a big heart.

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About beth

I love to write ! This is my true love, i can`t help but to show my innermost feeling through writings, when i`m sad, happy, wondering or confused...friends and family push me to go with it but i`m working and have no enough time to concentrate more to write stories and poems. yet i`m looking forward that someday i could find time and place that will fit me to focus into my writings...


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