Life After Death

God created heaven and then the earth
The door to heaven was opened after our birth
We become a sinner or a saint
We have to leave our souls like flat on rent

Master of sinners is Devil the great
For the rest,God decides their fate
Sinners reach the Hell after they die
The rest claims Heaven,don’t ask why

Dead ones are classified and then processed
Sent to the planet as per the rules once said  –
“Men  are  from  Mars , Women  are from Venus
Boys are  from  Saturn and  Girls  from  Uranus
Students  are  from Pluto,Teachers are from Neptune
Saints are from  the Sun and  Sinners from the Moon”

Only the  Children deserves the Earth
Since they are not criminals by their birth
They grow up only to destroy  the nature,to cut down the trees
They learn to fill their stomachs  with  the  honey  of  the bees

In  the  Planet  where they  are sent
They  are  taught  what  their  life  meant
They  are  taught  about  their  limitations  and  what  all  they  can
Before their  birth,they  know  their life-span

They  are  ready  to  reach  the Earth
Only  when  seven  others die, they  are  given  a  birth
This cycle  goes  on  like  an  endless  tie
Since  they  are  born  only  to  die
There may  be  some  contradictions  and  some other faith
But  this  is  my  theory  about  life  after death.

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3 Responses to Life After Death

  1. Law Firms September 26, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    Its really an imaginative poem i have ever heard. !!!huhh How can you imagine so deeply and clearly .Its fantastic .Keep updating the collection of diamonds here and i will reach your words from anywhere in the world.Keep writing more

  2. Funny Truths- Facts September 26, 2011 at 5:18 am #

    really a fantastic poem .This one imagination is truly exist in nature .I used to write but learn from persons like you to write .thanks for such a beautiful one

  3. ANISH ANAND September 26, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Must be made into a movie.Probably,it would be the highest money-grossers of all times.

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