Crossroads that marks destiny
The crumble of great years
Shattered in a while
Leaving behind memories to most

Times of weeping lay ahead
A mysterious journey awaits
To defy the concept that has left scientists in deep thought.

A coward you may say, but a hero in his own way
As one proceeds to a lifetime of conspiracy.
Almost entering the Next Plane

The next seed fulfills the dream.
But who knows the possibility of lifebuoy may transition the opposite.
Who knows… You would never know…..

Rating 2.50 out of 5

About Subashen Naidoo

I'm a 23 year old residing on the beautiful east coast of South africa. I'm a graduate in Human resource management and currently doing my theology degree. I love sports such as canoeing, soccer, and volleyball. During my free time I write poetry. I have a deep admiration for Gods creation and spending time with nature reminds of Gods power and ability. My dream is to be a blessing to people.


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