The Cafรฉ

Black eyes gaze from faded photographs… Music of the Romany Danced in between, Languid women, Bodies like Melted butter, Sipping their Fin a’ l’eau Their laughter, The rustling Of dead leaves And dark men Flashing smiles Hair slicked, With the faint Scent of Patchouli The air dense With the smoke Of Clove cigarettes It was […]

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You or Me.

A killing field, a deadly spree, its where I slay the enemy. He fought so brave, he tried so well, but died in flame, a burning hell. The choice is ours, we make it fast. The will to live, the urge to last When it comes down to you or me, I do not spare, […]

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I can’t sleep!

I wait in vain for sleep to come. But sleep it skipped me, I get none. My mind is running one big race. My body slumps, canโ€™t keep pace. Sleep wont find me in the night. Restless slumber nerves so tight. So I just lie here counting sheep. It grows so dull, it makes one […]

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I love you.

Golden rays announce the sun. Dawn she calls, the morn has come. Diamond dew that fell at night, fills the vale, it sparkles bright. Between the hills a misty cover. Embracing meadows like a lover. These are the visions that appear Whilst I think of you my dear. My heart feels bright it wants to […]

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I Do Not Hate My Enemy

I do not hate my enemy, He fights for all his children free. ‘Tis why we choose to go to war my child is what I’m fighting for. We both fight for our liberty to see our children strong and free. ‘Tis really a strange twist of fate that sees our love turned into hate. […]

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War Poem, War Machine

Machines of war the cogs of fate. They’re made to kill and teach of hate. I worship death your enemy. I track you down Don’t let you flee. So run as can and run real well You’re in my sight but you can’t tell. This is the game Its you or me. ’tis rather grim […]

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