I love you.

Golden rays announce the sun. Dawn she calls, the morn has come. Diamond dew that fell at night, fills the vale, it sparkles bright. Between the hills a misty cover. Embracing meadows like a lover. These are the visions that appear Whilst I think of you my dear. My heart feels bright it wants to […]

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I Do Not Hate My Enemy

I do not hate my enemy, He fights for all his children free. ‘Tis why we choose to go to war my child is what I’m fighting for. We both fight for our liberty to see our children strong and free. ‘Tis really a strange twist of fate that sees our love turned into hate. […]

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War Poem, War Machine

Machines of war the cogs of fate. They’re made to kill and teach of hate. I worship death your enemy. I track you down Don’t let you flee. So run as can and run real well You’re in my sight but you can’t tell. This is the game Its you or me. ’tis rather grim […]

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