Publish Your Poems & Stories

To publish your poem or story on our blog, please take the following steps:

  1. Contact us using the contact form at to request a logon.  (We have had to disable automatic contributor registration due to spam).
  2. Once approved, we will assist you to register for a free account.
  3. You may fill in your profile here. Your profile can contain up to three links (html formatting of links is okay) to related websites or blogs.  Personal blogs are okay.  Sites in the fields of poetry, writing, or the arts, are okay.  But please don’t link to something totally disrelated such as a site that sells fertilizer.  In some cases, a link to your personal business website would be okay – if you have any questions about a link you want to add, please contact me.
  4. To have an image displayed beside your profile, please go to to register for an account.  Set up your Gravatar per the instructions, and make sure that the email address you are registered on at this blog is the same email address which you have assigned a Gravatar to.
  5. Note:  Your profile image, name, and author bio will appear at the bottom of each of your posts.  It will also appear on the Authors Page.
  6. Post your writing.  One poem or story per post please, but you may post as many posts as you like.
  7. IMPORTANT: Please do not copy directly from a program such as Microsoft Word. This will add strange code to your post or poem which will make it unreadable or even invisible for many viewers.  Instead, copy your writing first into a plain text editor such as Notepad, and then copy it over to the blog.  If you like, you can also use a free software such as Windows Live Writer, to make formatting and publishing easier.
  8. Check the appropriate categories, for your own name if you desire, and the type of poem or story you are writing.
  9. Add the appropriate tags (descriptive words) to your poem, in the “Tags” field.
  10. Click “Publish.”

As soon as an administrator sees your post, it will be moderated. As long as it is not spam or objectionable, it will usually be published right then and there! (Usual rules: no hate, discrimination, pornographic writing, racism, bigotry, illegal activities, and radee radee radee).

You are welcome and encouraged to comment on other people’s posts!

Your poem might not appear on the blog immediately after you have posted it, particularly if this is your first time posting. If this is your first time posting and you would like your poem to appear as soon as possible, please contact me to inform me that you have submitted.

A few rules:

  1. No plagiarism allowed.  The writing you post must be your own original work, written by you.
  2. This blog is “rated PG.”  We do not wish to publish heavily erotic or sexually oriented material, references to homosexuality, obsessive obscenity, racism, hate, discrimination (religious or otherwise), writing which seems to condone suicide or crime or drug use, or anything else which we deem inappropriate.
  3. When you are ready to have your poem appear on the site, please hit “Publish.”  Even if the poem does not yet appear, it will be there waiting for us to review and approve, for final publication.
  4. By all means do check off the categories that your poem belongs under.  If you know of a new category which should be added, please contact me.
  5. I will not try to take your copyrights away or violate them in any way.  I will not republish your poetry elsewhere, unless you have stated that your poems can be used for free, or otherwise given me your permission.  I reserve the right to publish, not publish, or delete poems, at any time.  I reserve the right to modify create, assign, or delete, names of categories and tags which are associated with the poems on this site.  I reserve the right to modify this blog as I see fit, to add to it, to change its design, to link to other sites, or to do anything I like with the blog.  I reserve the right to correct obvious spelling mistakes or clear errors in formatting (which sometimes occur as a result of your posting a poem directly from Microsoft Word) but otherwise will not make modifications to your poem.  I can not be legally responsible for anything that goes wrong as a direct or indirect result of you having posted poetry on this site, although I will not personally take action to harm you or to violate your rights.  By publishing your poetry on this site, you agree to the above. You also agree to future terms which may be published on this site, however no future terms will act to violate or lessen your copyrights in any way.
  6. If you have troubles or difficulties relating to this site please contact me for help resolving it.

Happy posting!

– The Management

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