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Shadows of trees and me on the table follow me this way. Pomegranate tea sits prettily, invitingly. The time is readying or am I happy with the sounds that come from within. Without noise, I sleep in places secret and secure. All my delights in this mind of bright lights mood divine any time. I’m […]

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The best words I’ve ever said stayed in my head. The people are fine, dogs walking too. The water glitters, gulls make that gull sound I thought I had secrets but God knows there’s none to be found. I’m as wide as any book, smaller than the ants. I’m on my way to places that […]

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Just Inside the Bay

Just Inside the Bay   Pearly pebbles blanket the shore in varied shades of gray A lone loon calls for a mate just inside the bay Pines greet the hazy sky, Encouraged by the wind We lay here thinking of our time, Our reflections bare a grin Starving our shallows in the feast of our […]

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Sweet Riley

Sweet Riley   Sweet Riley with that daisy in her hair The Parisian night’s light illuminates her perfection With a face which time would never dare alter Her freckles like sand to her ocean blue eyes Erupting with bliss A timid kiss Sends me back to my deepest Most heartfelt Childhood crush A smile that […]

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Bitter Tin Soldiers

Bitter Tin Soldiers   Out goes the light Illuminating the sky The blinding black develops through dusk It embraces me with its Pearly white pupil In an array of Shimmering reflections from The past Freckling the blue black curtain Of twilight I wrestle my deepest quandary In return I inherit The binding chill Restraining the […]

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The mirror’s reflection emulates delusions of the devil’s obsession. Deterring your judgment of your own shortcomings without suspicion of first looking at what you yourself have become. Causing a camouflaged plague of deception out to destroy the inspiration of your surroundings. If you could only see yourself through the eyes of others, your judgment of […]

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