You are my Best Friend!

The greener envy it gets for malice
We are bound to each other in love
The light of truth brings justice
In the light of love that I begin to love

Sworn by darkness that two can never agree
In its own understanding prevail discrepancy
Why much weary it proves to succumb
Until I wait when two friendly smurfs jump
My name is called by your name
Because I loathe no taste to escort in shame
We are one, you and I together
To love and hold, to hold and to love forever.

When I close show to bestow in night
All to do chores in my lonely tide
One tear falls for thinking of you
Two tears fall for missing you
You have grown big time in my company
In partnership with my own company
You are my best friend!

That I thought is it my bad?
That I thought is it mere bad?
For one thing I know within me fine
Is I won’t lose you till I die
We are bound to each other in love
In the light of love, that I begin to love.

You are my best friend, Peter Peterson….!
You are one, because you think so.
I thought so too, dear friend
Because we belong to each a friend!

Rating 3.00 out of 5


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